Our Story

Ultimate Software & Hardware Solutions.


Since establishment, Mega Trust Group has been evolving with an endless passion to empower businesses and improve everyone’s life. A new concept of Hybrid Business Solutions is rising and more yet to come. We’re Mega Trust Group. 

Long term goals الاهداف طويلة المدي

Our goal in business is not merely to succeed but to thrive.


As a leading holding group aiming at empowering societies with tailored and innovative solutions, Mega Trust Group provides entities and individuals with a wide selection of cutting-edge solutions and services that ultimately boost their businesses and upgrade their quality of life. Spreading arms, operating with excellence in the MENA region, and exploring new horizons as we are always looking forward to new opportunities matching with our basic business objectives.


We have acquired not only a valuable capital but also a lot of experience that we are constantly moving forward. Exploring new horizons as we are always looking forward to new opportunities. With our focus on delivering meaningful innovation. We serve both professional and consumer markets with great ambition to be our client’s favorite destination. We will earn your trust.


It is our success benchmark that skyrockets your business. It’s not about new ideas or new business solutions, it is rather a bespoke bunch of integrated business services delivered with excellence to inspire, empower and transform your business.

Goal focused محدد الهدف


To become the most trusted reference for our MENA region customers who pursue authentic and complete solutions in future retail & creative services.

aims achievement تحقيق الاهداف


We are a fast-growing company that provides high quality complete innovative solutions for MENA region customers through high calibers and advanced technology.

In Our Values, We Believe 


Being accountable, our employees bear the responsibility for their own actions, conduct, obligations, and decisions with no excuses.


We recognize customer delight as the core of business success. Mega Trust Group strives to understand its customers’ needs and concerns in order to merit their businesses by responding effectively, and in time to their requirements.


Trust, transparency, and honesty are at the heart of our culture. We are committed to conducting ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity, believing that our reputation is more important than any other short-term rewards.


With our dynamic culture and environment, we reshape the definition of innovation, setting up new and broader standards of excellence and quality in everything we do. In light of this, we are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation.


Building long-term strategic relationships are what we pursue. Our clients are at the center of our business philosophy and process. All our services and products are meant to add value and create an exceptional experience for our clients. Hence, we use all means at our disposal to keep the client delighted.


We have no employees, we have achievers, go-getters, and business owners. They are empowering each other, communicating openly, encouraging initiatives, and acknowledging accomplishments. By collaboration and teamwork, we have done a lot… And still doing!


We are eager to learn and share information among colleagues and customers. We relentlessly pursue new ideas and innovative solutions and are always on the cutting edge of the latest developments and regulatory changes.