Ideators Gate

One of our core values here in Mega Trust
Groups is Innovation.


We perceive innovation as an art of translating an idea or just a concept into a good or service that creates

not just value but also the experience for which a state of demand can be found for satisfying any potential needs.

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1 You Submit


Whether it is a small brief or a short video, we would love to have the opportunity to hear it from you.

Use our form to submit your idea along with your contact details.


2 We Review


Our team of business developers will review and test or analyze your idea based on our community standards. So, if your idea is being explored further, or if you aren’t successful we’ll let you know.

  • Your idea must be your own
  • It must be complete
  • Be clear and legible
  • Your idea must be solving real problems since we cannot commercialize an idea that already exists
  • Your idea should be different enough to compete in an already saturated market.
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3 We Schedule


After a detailed review of your idea by our team of analysts, we will notify you that we are having a meet together to discuss more details about your idea.

Submit Your Idea