The Beginning

We have always believed that business is not the exclusive preserve of giant corporations! In (Date), We started with a tiny company trying to withstand the turbulence of crises and the economy and the collapse of companies that never saw the light of day. We are believers, doers and always look inside ourselves to find out the true meaning of solidarity because we can be more than just an emerging startup if only, we believed. And we believed. So today, we are leading more than ten brands around the world. With more than one technological patent, we are launching our parent brand to provide business development, quality, and well-being services.

We are now
Mega Trust Holding Group

Our goal in business is not merely to succeed but to thrive

As a leading holding group aiming at empowering societies with tailored and innovative solutions, Mega Trust Group provides entities and individuals with a wide selection of cutting-edge solutions and services that ultimately boost their businesses and upgrade their quality of life. We have acquired valuable capital and a lot of experience that we are constantly striving to improve. Exploring new horizons, we are always looking forward to new opportunities and meaningful innovation. It’s not only about new ideas or new business solutions but also a bespoke bunch of integrated business services offered with excellence to inspire, empower and transform your business. We serve both professional and consumer markets with great ambition to be our client’s favorite and most trusted destination.

CEO’s Message

" I usually take the risk of optimism. It is a robust and deep belief that drives me and everyone in Mega Trust Group so that we can offer the world value-added, innovative solutions and luxury products that truly elevate businesses and improve people's quality of life. And this is how my passion for upgrading everyone's life is driven "





It's the era of technology, so we turn inventiveness into innovative, quality products and services. We are adding value to your lives through our robust and intelligent technology solutions.

To become the most trusted reference for our MENA region customers who pursue authentic and complete solutions in future retail & creative services.






Ownership: Being accountable, our employees bear the responsibility for their own actions, conduct, obligations, and decisions with no excuses

Integrity and Sincerity: Trust, transparency and honesty are at the heart of Mega Trust Group.

Innovation: With our dynamic culture and environment, we reshape the definition of innovation, setting up new and broader standards of excellence and quality in everything we do. In light of this, we are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation.

Customer Centricity : Provide exceptional customer service locally and globally through offering quality products, services, and innovative solutions. Hence, we never fail to keep the client delighted

Excellence: When we are wrong, we recognize and admit it. We don't accept anything less than excellence,and we always dare to change

Diversity: We have Leaders with different backgrounds and shared goals